Red Team Testing

Red Team testing is done to validate an organization's readiness of Human Resources & procedural handling during a successful DDoS attack. That is, once your systems are under attack and down, how do you restore system functionality to maintain business continuity?

Red team testing does not focus on vulnerability identification of the DDoS mitigation systems ability to detect and block attacks, but rather focuses mainly on procedural and response team handling.

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Evaluate Human resources & procedures during a successful DDoS attack

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Evaluate equipment deployed can handle the load of a DDoS attack

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Validate BGP diversions work as expected

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Using Industry standard BaseLine DDoS testing method for maximum coverage

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Real-time response monitoring

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Executive report summary

Professional Services for Remediation Consulting

You're never alone with our Remediation Consulting Team onboard. MazeBolt's consultants are some of the top experts worldwide in the DDoS field. Many of them originally come from various other leading DDoS mitigation companies. MazeBolt Professional Services allows for -

  • Strong support - MazeBolt Professional services allow our customers to focus on their business, using us and our experience in DDoS mitigation to assist in liaising with vendors. MazeBolt will make closing vulnerabilities a painless process, we are with you every step of the way.
  • Professional Services with leading DDoS experts -  Our DDoS experts have all come from leading DDoS mitigation companies and understand both defense and attack. We have consulted well over 100 enterprise organizations with consulting on vendor remediation, real-time attack analysis, and deep DDoS architecture planning & understanding.
  • The liaison with your mitigation company - Our Professional service DDoS experts will guide your remediation efforts with your DDoS mitigation vendors. If required, our professional service can also help plan new architectural changes.
  • Customize attack vectors to add to RADAR® - If your organization requires specific attack vectors for proprietary reasons. MazeBolt professional services together with R&D will design implement and QA your required attack vectors, to be an ongoing part of your RADAR® platform.
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Testing DDoS Mitingation Effectiveness

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