RADAR, MazeBolt’s new patented technology solution simulates DDoS attacks continuously & non-disruptively. It is part of the MazeBolt security platform, delivering continuous intelligence through straightforward reports that clarify how to easily remediate the DDoS vulnerabilities found.

Using RADARyou never have to rely on risky zero-day reactive mitigation capabilities. Closing the DDoS gap by assisting your mitigation solution to fix ongoing security gaps before they are exploited.

RADAR, assists organizations in achieving, maintaining, and verifying the continuous closing of their DDoS vulnerability gaps. Reducing and maintaining the vulnerability level from an average of 48% to under 2% ongoing.

RADAR Benefits

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Eliminate DDoS vulnerabilities to under 2%

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Managed service - Professional services to guide remediation identified vulnerabilities

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No maintenance windows required

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Covering entire IP ranges. 100+ simulations against each IP.

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More than 50,000 vulnerability attack simulations annually

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Quickly validate remediation of configurations

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Continuous and automated non-disruptive detection of DDoS vulnerabilities

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Testing DDoS Mitingation Effectiveness

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Is a DDoS Attack Coming your Way?

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