Traditional DDoS Penetration Testing

Strengthen your resistance to DDoS attacks

DDoS testing is designed to simulate DDoS attacks against an organizations IT infrastructure during peacetime to understand and validate if an organizations DDoS defenses work as expected. MazeBolt's Traditional DDoS Penetration Testing (PT) is a methodology designed to proactively validate an organizations DDoS defenses. MazeBolt is the only solution to effectively validate an organization to APT DDoS attacks.

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Why test DDoS defenses?

Proactively avoid downtime

Validate Vendor SLAs

Validate DDoS defenses work as expected

Detect configuration issues, for Layer 3, 4 and 7 attacks

Train your team to respond to DDoS attacks

Why MazeBolt?

  • Testing methodology
    Unique testing methodology has become the de-facto industry standard with its BaseLine and APT testing.
  • Over 12 years of DDoS experience
    MazeBolt's team comes from the top DDoS companies in the market and command a profound insight into all things DDoS related. Our experts have helped design mitigation strategies for fortune 500 and NASDAQ companies, including the mitigation vendors themselves.
  • Vendor agnostic
    MazeBolt does not align with any DDoS mitigation vendor and is one of the only truly DDoS independent vendors.
  • Hundreds of tests completed
    Tested across the industry spectrum including: banking, stock exchanges, e-commerce, gaming, insurance, telecommunications, critical infrastructure, government infrastructure.

Case Studies

Customer Sector: NASDAQ listed Online B2B Service

DDoS Mitigation:
Dedicated DDoS mitigation equipment & cloud based solution.

The Problem: Repeated service outages due to unknown causes in their DDoS mitigation strategy causing significant loss in revenue.

The Solution:
MazeBolt APT DDoS Testing validates a Company’s DDoS mitigation system against the type of persistent attacks a determined cybercriminal would execute.

Customer Sector: Major National Bank

DDoS Mitigation:
Cloud based solution.

The Problem: Meeting basic requirement against DDoS attacks.

The Solution:
MazeBolt BaseLine DDoS test validated their current cloud provider against common DDoS attack vectors (L3, L4 & L7).

Customer Sector: Major Payment provider

The Problem:
Need to Evaluate 2 DDoS Providers capabilities during POC.

The Solution:
MazeBolt suggested a BaseLine DDoS test to evaluate which Vendor would be most suitable for the customers environment.

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