Phishing Awareness

Strengthen employee resistance to phishing attacks

MazeBolts phishing awareness program utilizes a corporate resistance metric giving a program manager the most efficient and relevant KPIs to operate on. Utilizing this adaptive methodology significantly reduces the need to do blanket targeting of employees within the organization; it allows the program manager to increase the resistance level of employees with focused awareness targeting.

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Why have a phishing awareness program?

Reduce the risk of successful phishing attack

Educate employees how to identify phishing

Reduce security HR training costs

Meet compliance standards

Why MazeBolt?

  • Operational in over 70 countries
    Working with some of the biggest corporations worldwide, with a global footprint.
  • Enterprise ready scalability
    We engage hundreds of thousands of users monthly and support enterprises in driving their awareness programs.
  • Quantifiable KPIs for program management
    (Corporate Resistance Metric TM)

    We know managing a program is difficult, MazeBolt's KPIs are easily understood both by employees and C level management, keeping the company aligned.
  • Supporting over 20 languages
    For multinational enterprises, full localization and administration is easy.
  • Automatic and uniquely adaptive training
    Designed for maximal effectiveness in strengthening user awareness to phishing attacks.

Case Studies

Customer Profile: Pharmaceutical R&D Company

The Need:
Improve end-user awareness to Phishing.

The Solution:
Phishing simulation with MazeBolt’s TAP allows the CISO to identify weak-end users and provide them with targeted training as well as discover client side vulnerabilities.

Customer Profile: International Financial Organization

The Need:
Understand the organizations susceptibility to phishing attacks.

The Solution:
MazeBolt Phishing Simulation allowed the organization to understand their resistance rate to Phishing. MazeBolt suggested an annual Phishing Awareness Program.

Customer Profile: Major eCommerce site

The Need:
Reduce the risk of Phishing Attacks.

The Solution:
MazeBolt Phishing Awareness methodology drove engagement in awareness training amongst employees throughout the year.

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