DoS vs DDoS Attack Information

What is a DoS attack?

A DoS ("Denial of Service") is a type of cyber attack where a single or few host IPs send specially crafted malicious traffic towards a server or host on service, website, or network with the intention to flood that target with traffic - making it unavailable for the end-user to use it.

For example: if a website has a DoS attack launched against it and the DoS attack is successful, that website will not be available for users to connect to.


What is a DDoS Attack?

A DDoS ("Distributed Denial of Service") attack is the same concept as a DoS attack, with the main difference being that the attack originates with a more distributed attackers base, i.e. from many source IPs and generally multiple geo locations. It can be hundreds or even thousands of source IPs where the attack originates from.
This gives the attacker the advantage of making it more difficult for the targeted victim to mitigate the attack.


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